I want to personally welcome you to Montana Topwater. As the owner, outfitter and primary guide it is my mission to ensure that every angler who fishes with us has the time of their lives. The hatches change, the rivers carve a new course every year and the seasons come and go. There is one thing that stays constant: my dedication to doing whatever it takes to fulfill the expectations and dreams of my guests.

This is a small, family run outfitting service. I consider the folks who fish with me to be more than just clients, they are family. I enjoy getting to know my anglers on a fishing level as well as a personal level. All my business comes from repeat guests and referrals. In the fly fish outfitting business, I believe smaller is better. Large shops and outfitters may have a fancy web page and a nice sales pitch at the sport shows, but they lose that personal touch when they get too busy and too big.

Fly fishing is a quiet sport, a non-consumptive sport. By keeping our business small we minimize our impact on the land and the resource. Your experience is also enhanced, since you know you're getting the very best guide. When I or a top-notch guide is not available - I will let you know. We will look for another time to book when you can receive the expertise you expect.

Thanks for stopping by the site. If you want to become a member of the Montana Topwater family, please come on in.

Scott Nicolarsen
Montana Outfitter #7531

Montana Topwater Fly Fishing Outfitters | Missoula, Montana